“I wanted to find a happy, healthy conscious way of reaching my goal weight for my wedding (no bridezilla crash diets please). Working with Kylie, I was able to achieve my goals – and feel beautiful & healthy on my special day! The best part is that I’ve taken her principles and food plans into my daily routine. Not only is Kylie the real deal (with actual credentials), she is a joy to work with. She empowers you to make good choices – not just for one day, but in your daily life. I would highly recommend Kylie for anyone who is looking for an educated, caring, and inspiring nutritionist, whatever your goal may be!”
– Eileen R., Santa Monica, CA



“I’m wearing my skinny jeans as I type this review. I’ve been working with Kylie for the last 6 weeks and I’ve steadily lost 1-2 lbs per week which for me is a healthy and doable pace. Here are 5 reasons I love working with Kylie:
  • She’s very practical and works toward a diet modification and weight loss plan that is sustainable. 
  • She’s aware of your budget. I’ve switched several of my snacks to some amazing, low-cost, protein filled snacks that are easy to get at Trader Joe’s or the local grocery. 
  • She gives you a lot of recipes and ideas. If something isn’t working for you, she’s very quick to provide another suggestion. I have more recipes than I need right now but it’s nice to know that I won’t get stuck looking for ideas.
  • She is REALLY up on the research and provides you with good information. If you don’t understand why she is making a recommendation (for example cooking with coconut oil vs. olive oil), she is very quick to provide the background and available research information so that you can do your own research.
  • Sitting down with her is like talking to your best friend. So, even if you didn’t do so well one week, there’s no judgement. You just walk away feeling encouraged – like you can do anything.
​Kylie is a gifted nutritionist and has an amazing personal touch. I’ve reviewed other service providers on Yelp and I don’t give out the 5 star easily. But, Kylie really is THAT good.”
– LaTheena T., Los Angeles, CA



“I am so happy with my fantastic results with Kylie! I finally have the body I have always wanted in half the time it took me in the past. My body just continues to shed pounds each week! Weekly sessions with Kylie kept me on track, accountable, and knowledgeable. She tailored my plan based on all the food allergies I suffer from and I have never felt more energetic and vibrant. I recommend Kylie to anyone who has trouble losing weight and keeping it off.”
– Farah L., Los Angeles, CA



“First, I will start by saying that I have struggled with weight loss for a long time and anything I tried never helped me. I was encouraged to see Kylie through her Yelp reviews and I thought I would give it a shot since my weight loss journey had been so unsuccessful on my own, I knew I needed some extra help. Seeing Kylie is by far the best decision I have ever made for myself. That being said, I can’t begin to describe how grateful I am to have met Kylie, she has such a gentle and loving approach. Not only is she a beautiful person because she encouraged me, and didn’t make me feel uncomfortable about my weight but she taught me to put myself first in my life and start loving myself more everyday. I started to see Kylie about 3 months ago, and since then I have lost about 25lbs. This is a huge accomplishment for me since all of my previous attempts at weight loss have not been even half as successful. I recommend Kylie for anyone who needs extra help with weight loss, it is not easy to do it on your own.  Although I still have a ways to go with my weight loss, I know I will get to my goal in a healthy way that was specifically designed for me and my body by Kylie.”
– Christina H., Beverly Hills, CA



“To all who want to live a healthy and happy life: I write this review with the hope that you will let Kylie help you to empower yourself! I myself have known what it feels like to be unmotivated enough to be able to maintain my weight and eat healthy. Now, after meeting Kylie, I have discovered the possibility of actually being able to eat healthy and live happily. Kylie’s unwavering trust, confidence, and passion for living healthy inspire me to set forth and achieve much, much more than just losing/maintaining my weight; they inspire me to live with a sense of happiness and inner peace that I had never before imagined possible. With Kylie’s guidance, I can confidently say that I now choose to no longer just live to eat; I eat to live!”
– Jocelin T., Beverly Hills, CA



“Everyone is different and so is every program Kylie offers. She doesn’t believe that any one way of eating is right for everyone. I prefer to be Vegan and she made my program work for me with yummy vegan recipes that taste amazing! At the end of our consultation, I knew this was definitely the change I needed! We discussed options for a plan that would get me on the right track and get me to my goals – and I signed up! It was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. I think this is the healthiest I’ve ever felt. I have increased my muscle, decreased my fat, and lost 19 pounds so far! Yay! I’m so proud of myself, so happy, and so thankful for Kylie. Her positive guidance has lead me to this!
I’m 5’3″ and used to weigh about 155 pounds. I was very uncomfortable, had low energy, over-ate at all my meals, and overindulged on sweets. Now I’m well on my way to toning up by exercising more, eating the right portions, and cooking everyday (Woo hoo! Love that!). I can fit into clothes that I love, I’m not controlled by sweets anymore, and I’m just happier overall! It feels great knowing that I have my healthy habits down. I never feel deprived or unsatisfied with my new meals!
During the holidays, my boyfriend of 5 years proposed to me! I’m so happy we can start planning our wedding! I wish I would have found Kylie sooner! Thank you, Kylie. Thank you!”
– Catherine C., Huntington Beach, CA



“Kylie is so knowledgeable about nutrition. I have seen her four times now and I have dropped pounds so simply and easily just making a few changes in routine and following her plan. I have always been up and down in weight and she is helping me to see why. She has helped me to get my metabolism on track and she teaches me about what’s going on in my body – and how food is affecting it. Kylie spends so much time with me and is always happy to answer all my questions. Kylie is seriously a God-send to me and other clients, I’m sure. I am never hungry or deprived. You don’t automatically go into this crazy diet plan. All changes are a little bit at a time. I am always so excited to go to the next appointment because she is so motivational. You can tell she is passionate about her work. It’s contagious. I feel like I get a mini therapy session and my mind has never been so at ease. A++”
– Newsha L., Chatsworth, CA



“I went on my grocery store tour with Kylie and I can safely say that my cart will never look the same again! Kylie is a complete expert when it comes to optimizing your meal experiences by identifying food products that you enjoy eating and pointing you to the healthiest version of it that exists on the shelf. As a vegetarian who struggles to keep track of my nutrient count, I was so impressed with her encyclopedic knowledge of which products would best serve my unique nutritional needs.  Kylie’s tours are extensive, informative, entertaining, and most importantly, unique to each client’s specific dietary profiles!
The grocery store tour is everything you ever wanted to know about food shopping – budgeting your spending, keeping your food fresh, understanding labels, identifying ingredients, organizing your refrigerator, and so much more. You’ll walk away from the tour with a personalized list of food products organized by category, turning all future trips to the market into adventures that you look forward to as a newly educated shopper! Who knew grocery shopping could be so fun? The grocery store tour with Kylie is an absolute must for anyone looking to enhance their long-term health and happiness.”
– Natalie A., Los Angeles, CA



“When I met Kylie, little did I know I was about to make a big change in my life. She offered me the option of living a healthier happier life and I said ‘Yes!’ From that moment on, Kylie has helped me learn how to eat better and live healthier. I could NOT have made the changes without her. She is an amazing nutritionist and person! She will not give up on you as long as you have not given up on yourself. If you really want to make that change in your life and truly be satisified with the way you live – you HAVE to give Kylie a chance. You will not regret it.”
– Ryan T., Glendale, CA



“I recommend Kylie King to anyone seeking a nutritionist! What started out as a goal to lose some weight became a life transforming experience. Kylie is a great nutritionist because she is so passionate about what she does. She is inquisitive and continually doing research to be able to give her clients the best and most updated information in regards to improving their health. But the best part about her is that she truly listens and cares. Her genuine nature makes you feel so comfortable. She carefully listened to my goals, needs, and concerns.
Based on that, she used her wealth of nutrition information to create a custom plan for me that worked. Kylie is the first to tell you that not every plan works for everyone, and she is right. She customizes her plan toward each of her client’s specific goals and needs. Personally, I have a very busy work schedule that often times causes high-stress levels. During those times, I have sugar cravings, which don’t end up making me feel good. I was finally able to understand why I had them and how to get rid of them! Kylie helped me figure out what works for me, as well as helped me to achieve a healthy physical, mental, and emotional balance.
I feel healthy, strong, and in charge of my life! I’d recommend Kylie to anyone seeking health and happiness!”
– Azra I., Echo Park, CA